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Test Enanthate + Dbol + Arimidex – Beginner Stack




This is one of the most common beginner cycles because you don’t have to inject too often. Because test takes a 2-3 weeks to fully get into the system, the dbol oral will help you kickstart this cycle so you can start the gains right away. This cycle will help you put on some lean size or it can help you bulk up, depending on the dosage of the test and diet.  A recommended dose would be 200-300mg of test every 3-4 days and 25-50mg of dbol every day. The arimidex will help you throughout the cycle to maintain your estrogen levels and bloating low. Arimidex should not be taken right away, wait a few weeks to start or sooner, depending on how you react to the dbol.

Recommended dosage: Test E 200-300mg every 3-4 days, Dbol 25-50 mg daily, Arimidex 1mg every 2 days or longer